The idea for the Breakthrough Fellowship grew out of a casual conversation one evening among friends. As a husband, father, senior corporate executive with a demanding travel schedule and in graduate school, Reverend Charles Maxell, Jr. (RevCAM), like his friends, was struggling to find balance between family, faith and career. Everyone that night was a believer but lamented that the demands of career and growing families made it difficult to find time to attend a traditional Wednesday night Bible study. After listening to their stories and with encouragement from family and friends, RevCAM and his wife, Reverend Jennifer Watley Maxell (Lady J) were led to start a neighborhood Bible study out of their home. In the beginning, the Bible study was informal and consisted primarily of a few friends and neighbors getting together to discuss the Word, offer support to one another and enjoy good food. For RevCAM and Lady J, the Bible study (gathering or circle) was an outlet for them to deepen their relationship with Christ and for RevCAM to experiment with ideas he was learning in seminary and that he envisioned for ministry. However, as time evolved, word of the experience spread, and God pressed RevCAM’s spirit, the time came for the bible study to launch into a worship experience. On January 23, 2011, The Breakthrough Fellowship held its first worship experience at the AMC Parkway Pointe 15 Theater with over 115 people in attendance. As the church grew, time came for a new, more permanent location. So, on January 27, 2013, the church moved to its present location at 1810 Spring Rd, Suite 7 in Smyrna, GA. Today, The Breakthrough Fellowship is known for its unplugged worship, biblical teaching, its children’s ministry and its simple vision for ministry: All About God All About People.

The Breakthrough Fellowship enjoys a relationship with Saint Phillip AME Church, Atlanta, GA where the Rev. Dr. William D. Watley is Senior Pastor.