"I discovered the poem "Getting Ready to Unfold" by Mona Lake Jones when I was working at St. John's University and upon reading it, it immediately spoke to me. For so long, I have felt like a woman on the verge. In so many ways, my life has been in a holding pattern and yet, in so many other ways it has been charging forward at warp speed. Amidst the stuff of life, it is hard to find space to figure out what the next step should be and how we should get there. With all of life's rushing and juggling, many of us never take the time to stop, to focus, to think, to pray and to wait for God's direction. We say we don't know what we are to do and for a few that is true. But for most of us, we know...we just haven't found the faith to act.

What is Ellipsis?

As the definition of Ellipsis illustrates ("a printed mark, usually three dots (...), or, less often, asterisks (***), used to indicate that something has been omitted from a text") our stories are not complete. The purpose of Ellipsis is to create a safe place for women of God to gather together, pray together, study God's Word together, laugh together and to find "that something" that is missing in our stories. But most importantly, Ellipsis wants to help women seek God, build a community of sisterhood and help broken women find wholeness through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ."

Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell

Join us every 4th Friday at 7 PM